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Bee Green Team

President & Owner
Matt Colwell

I have been in the lawn care industry over 20 years. I like helping people with the care of their property, being outside, and the science of our industry. My favorite thing about my job is helping people fix the issues they are having with their lawn, trees, and shrubs. The words of wisdom I most relate to, is “If you want things you have never had before, then you have to do things that you have never done before.”

My favorite season is Spring when everything comes to life with the blooms, leaves, and grass turning green after being dormant all winter.

During my down time, I love spending time with my family and dogs, kayaking, gardening, fishing, and hunting. A favorite thing to do, and what I think everyone should do at least once in their lifetime here in Indiana, is to head to Deer Creek Park and watch eagles catch fish out of the water. They are powerful, majestic, and amazing birds and to see them in their natural habitat is inspiring.

I am passionate about causes that support and enrich our community. “We Care” is a program started in my hometown that helps clothe children. My grandmother started the charity over 30 years ago and it is still going strong. One hundred percent of all the proceeds from the organization go to the children. Additionally, you may find me and my dogs going into the homeless encampments in the inner city to provide new, clean socks for the homeless. New socks not only feel comfortable and warm to the homeless, but they also help ward off several health problems. Often, the homeless may receive food items in donations, but rarely do they receive new socks.

Office Manager
Joan Woods


I have been in the lawn care industry about 6 years. I enjoy this industry because of my appreciation of nature and being part of a team that helps beautify lawns for our client families to enjoy. My favorite thing about my job is the diversity. I am never bored with the tasks at hand and I enjoy serving our customers. In serving others, I believe that we can “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

During my down time, I gourmet cook, barbeque, enjoy communing around the patio fire table, volunteer, and work in my flowering lawn beds. I also enjoy taking my teenager to a drive in movie, or even moving our television outside, stringing up some white lights, making snacks, and having a neighborhood movie night.

My favorite season is Spring for the flowers and Fall for the orchards and leaf turning and my ideal Indiana day is to take a trip to the Exotic Feline Rescue in Center Point, Indiana and stop in at Lou’s Diner in Cloverdale afterwards for a ridiculously good, and huge, Hoosier breaded tenderloin sandwich and homemade pies. An amazing family day.

I believe it’s an honor to volunteer for causes I believe in, specifically the Wheeler Mission’s Drumstick Dash (best thing we can do on an early Thanksgiving morning so you can really say “thanks for giving”). We also enjoy helping Paws, Wings, and Other Things a State and Federal Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. We help transport wildlife that is abandoned as babies, or in need of medical assistance and rehabilitative care. You haven’t lived until you have been hugged by a 28-pound raccoon! When that animal wants to give you a hug, you give it a hug! (It is a domesticated animal and used for educational and teaching purposes. It is never recommended to keep a wild animal as a pet.

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