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Fall Aeration

We perform core aeration in the Fall to break up compaction and the thatch layer that accumulates on your lawn.  Thatch is a condition that makes your sod feel spongy.  Thatch is a tightly mingled layer of dead and living leaves, roots, and stems that builds up when the lawn produces organic debris faster than it can decompose.  It accumulates between the layer of actively growing grass and the soil underneath.  Core aeration permeates the thatch and breaks down the compacted and compressed material improving the grass-to-soil contact for proper germination, increasing air flow and nutrient delivery.  Leave soil plugs on the ground to decompose and filter back into the soil organically.  

Fall Overseeding

In addition to Fall Aeration, we offer Fall Overseeding to promote a full, thick, and consistent looking lawn that is free of bare spots.  We use a premium Fescue RTF seed (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) at an application rate of 4 lbs per 1,000 square feet by broadcast spreader.  We do not slit seed.

The term “rhizomatous” means that the grass has a subterranean stem that sends out shoots and roots from its nodes, so it spreads horizontally.  Fescue RTF is a wide blade, deep green, cool weather grass that performs well in different microclimates, including shady areas.

With proper watering and care, the seed establishes quickly and is high yielding.  We request that newly seeded lawns be watered daily to saturation for a minimum of ten consecutive days to promote healthy germination, so please plan accordingly if you have an irrigation system that is scheduled to close.  Inform your irrigation company to schedule your winterization at the end of October, or first week of November, as you have seeding planned for your property.

We do not seed established lawns in the Spring.  The first treatment in a lawn fertilization and weed control program is called the pre-emergent stage.  Pre-emergent helps to prevent weed seed germination and is also counter-productive to grass seed germination.

Fescue RTF is our standard seed type, however alternative seed types are available upon request and are subject to price variability.

Broadcast Spreader
water lawn
Worker spraying pesticide onto green lawn outdoors, closeup. Pest control

Soil Conditioners

Contingent upon the condition of your soil, we may recommend the use of soil conditioners and/or surfactants.  This enhances water infiltration as a wetting agent for soil optimizing a more uniform turf germination.
The BeeGreen team have been great! Matt did a thoughtful evaluation of our lawn and made recommendations. No pressure. They have since done weed control which was very focused, aeration and overseeding and all were professionally done and timely with good notification. Matt himself came out on short notice to treat our arborvitae for bagworms and he gave me some valuable advice while he was here. All in all very satisfied.
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